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Momentum for a Healthy Life by Cathy Vega, Holistic Health Coach

A Few of My Favorite Tips for Staying Healthy this Summer

~ Start your day on a Positive Note - use your gratitude journal and/or meditate.

~ Eat a balanced, protein rich breakfast - try new recipes!

~ Good old H2O. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Don't wait to get dehydrated before you hydrate.

~ Exercise and get your Sweat On! Do what you love and switch it up!

~ Do not grocery shop when you're hungry - you may let unhealthy foods sneak into your basket.

~ Visit your local farmers market for fresh, local foods. Pick up lots of colorful produce and organic, free-range eggs and meat.

~ Whip up healthy summer salads with seasonal produce.

~ Include Good Mood Foods in your meals - omega 3-fats, B Vitamins, Folate and Fiber.

~ Get Quality Sleep - 7-9 hours per night. You will wake feeling energized!

~ Manage Stress - self care is critical. Make time for a massage, facial or mani/pedi.

~ Limit sweets - decide on one dessert you want for that special occasion and savor it.

~ Limit alcohol/wine - allow yourself one drink on that special occasion and drink lots of water afterwards.

~ Embrace family and friends. Cultivate authentic connection with those you love.